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Speed up computer booting time with Soluto

Computers can take a long time to boot up due to start up programs, you need to wait for software to load before you can start working with your PC, Soluto is a freeware that will monitor your computer and detect what is slowing it down at start up, then give you a choice of what to do with it, pause, delay or place the process last at the booting time queue.

Soluto categorizes the start up applications when you boot your computer and calculates how much time it takes to load each one of them, for then give you a recommendation on what to do next, if the application is not needed by Windows, like for example an Office software suite, Soluto will delay the loading of the software at start up until the computer has enough processing power during idle time, giving you priority to use the computer.

Soluto computer booting time calculation
Soluto computer booting time calculation

Soluto has a community based approached to solving computer problems, if one of your applications crashes Soluto will send a report of the problem to itsĀ PC Genome central database, if anyone else is having the same problem it will offer a solution based on how other users have dealt with it.

The interface is very easy to use, with a nice coloured graph, you get advice and tips during the whole process about how to optimize your computer booting time.

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